How we use videos

On any given week Dash Cam Owners Australia receives hundreds of videos from people around Australia, This presents a challenge to us in regards to striking a balance between showing content that everyone enjoys and keeping people who have sent videos happy.

We endeavour to use all videos in some fashion however this is frankly not possible for a number of reasons. Please do not take it personally if we are not able to use your video.

On a given day we will download the videos that are sent to us and sort them into categories.

Some will be put aside for the monthly compilation which is done once a month on our YouTube channel. Less than 1 in 10 videos goes into the monthly compilation. Others may be put aside for special compilations further down the track (Load Fails etc) Larger incidents (Crashes, very close calls etc) are generally posted to the Facebook page and the more severe ones to the YouTube channel.

Videos that arent used in the above scenarios are used in our Weekly livestream. Every Sunday night at 7PM Sydney time we stream live on twitch where we show videos that weren’t used elsewhere, this is usually in excess of 100 videos and takes about 1-2 hours. No subscription or account is required to view the stream however an account is required to chat along with the viewers.

There are other videos that we simply can’t use unfortunately, this can be for reasons such as low video quality or format issues, The video being filmed or screen captured off a monitor or mobile phone, The video not clearly showing what happens or in some cases the videos don’t adequately prove any wrongdoing by the persons in it, For legal reasons we sometimes have to make a call not to publish certain videos.

We try to use everyones videos where possible but hope you can understand that this is not always achievable and should not be taken personally. We thank everyone who continues to send us videos and hope to continue making content that everyone can enjoy from it.

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