Street Guardian SG9663DC 256GB Front & Rear Dash Cam

Full HD 1080P Video with GPS logging, 256GB microSD Card and Parking Mode compatible when hardwired.

$519.00 RRP $449.00

Street Guardian Front and Rear Truck Dash Cam

High Definition Front Camera with GPS logging and rear waterproof cam for external mounting

$528.00 RRP $429.00

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Dash Cam Owners Australia!

Dash Cam Owners Australia is Australia’s best known dash cam store supplying high quality dash cams to Australian drivers.

Dash Cam Owners Australia has been serving Australia with Dash Cam footage since 2013 and in 2015 decided to put our experience gained through testing and reviewing many different models of cameras into opening our own store that supplies high quality, reliable cameras for the Australian market.

We continue to focus on increasing road safety awareness through dash cam footage of accidents and road situations in the hope that people can use them as a learning tool and hopefully become more aware drivers.

Dash Cam Owners Australia believe that Dash cams are an important investment and while there are cheaper alternatives on the market we only stock quality cameras from brands such as Street Guardian, Blackvue and Garmin, not only for their video quality and features but for their customer support.

Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor
Aaron Godwin
Aaron Godwin
Camera received and installed. Does exactly what it says on the box. Shipping and delivery was prompt. A good experience. No complaints.
Daniel Waldron
Daniel Waldron
Outstanding customer service. Even when I came across a problem out of warranty, they gave me exceptional assistance in troubleshooting the problem. I sent the cam back to them and they solved the problem for me at no cost.Steer away from the big guys and use businesses like this that focus on one area really well. I've seen how dashcam footage can resolve insurance claims in a flash - don't try cutting corners when it comes to buying one.