Camry driver crashes head on into truck – Athol Park SA

Description: “It happened at Athol Park, approx 1mth ago, there was a broken down semi blocking the southbound direction. I was in my loaded truck heading north, coming past the semi, and slowing own as there is a work zone, and I spotted the Camry coming over to my side of the road. I had 1 mtr left to go to pass the semi, I stopped dead, the Camry powered on and slammed into me as if I didn’t exist . No rego, no insurance, probably no license, stunk of wine, life possessions filling the inside of the car. He was taken to hospital, I drove away bewildered, and continued working. $10k damage to my truck, his car written off.”

Mazda gets T-boned and rolls in drainage ditch

Description: “Car Crash TBoned 24/9. My brother was driving, a car stopped at an intersection to give way to us, but drove into us when we were going past them. We hit the curb and flipped the car. Luckily no one was injured but the car was a write off.”

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