Speeding car overtakes 6 cars on wrong side of road and crashes – Queensland

Description: 7/10/2020 “I was towing the float with Tucky my treasured horse in it, turning into my own driveway. Sorry for the language. 40 zone at bottom of hill and lucky kids weren’t walking up the street. He was unlicensed, charged with dangerous driving and over took the other 6 cars behind me too. I had a horse on the float worth more than his car. Cops said I was in the right turning into my driveway.

Hyundai decides not to wait and pays the price – Carlisle WA

Description: “Intersection of Orrong Rd and Mercury St, Carlisle WA.No one was seriously injured. I’ve got a sore body. The other guy was taken to the hospital but didn’t appear to have any external injuries like blood or broken bones. Was definitely scary as hell, it was my first major car accident that required my vehicle to be towed away. By the time I saw the car it was already in front if me, totally didn’t expect that! For some reason my airbag didn’t go off, but his did. Maybe his car was too light to trigger my airbag lol I’ve passed the footage to the police, was told he’ll probably get charged for something more serious. They also had his blood tested for drugs etc.”

How 1 wrong move turns into a 5 car crash – Mt Druitt NSW

Description: “Was right behind a BIG stack on Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt today. The right turn bay into Bunnings had started backing up onto the through lanes. The driver of the blue car changed lanes at the last minute and clipped a car in the lane next to it. It then rode up on the side of a car stopped in the right lane and flipped over. Only a few cuts and bruises from all involved, fortunately. “

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