About Us

Dash Cam Owners Australia was created on May 26th 2013 as an idea in helping create awareness in regards to Driving events that happen in Australia. The idea came about after I myself witnessed an accident in which a car turned across a Motorcyclist travelling in front of me, knocking him off his bike. The rider sustained minor injuries. Although Police did not require footage of the incident to establish fault, it seemed wasteful to do nothing with the footage. Therefore Dash Cam Owners Australia was created as a place where drivers could share their footage in order to help educate others about how road accidents can occur and be avoided. The video that started it all:

Today Dash Cam Owners Australia has over half a million followers and receives Hundreds of clips a month from motorists around the country hoping to share their experiences. Footage from our followers has now been featured all around the world by News, Social Media and Viral video sites.

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