“Head on collision on Gold Coast Hwy. 18th Feb, which was my birthday! ????????.
We were travelling home north on GC Hwy at 1410hs, when a car travelling south in the opposite direction, crossed over the median strip! He was witness to even hit the far gutter before moving back towards the centre of the road. He attempted to cross back to the southbound lane but he was too slow and he hit us head on at approx 70kmh. We all walked away from this accident, which was a big shock to the QAS and QPS officers.
My partner was driving and I was in the front passenger seat, we both have seatbelt bruising and an airbag burn. My Mum in the back seat has a fractured rib from the seat belt. In the other car, they were bruised and the front passenger had a cut to her eyelid.
Filmed on the Garmin mini, which was a Christmas present, and worth its weight in gold.”

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