Stolen Audi R8 joyride captured on Dashcam – Newcastle NSW

Description: “On the 20th Dec, a man ran from an RBT on Scenic Drive- breaking into houses, jumping fences, and hiding from police. When he reached our house, he discovered the keys to our Audi R8 parked in the garage. This is the full dashcam footage of the gut wrenching 30 minute joyride he took before damaging the car beyond repair and dumping it at a property in Windale. It is an absolute miracle no one was injured with the erratic way this lowlife was driving our Supercar, and we were fortunate enough to find the car with the help of the Facebook community.”

Speeding car overtakes 6 cars on wrong side of road and crashes – Queensland

Description: 7/10/2020 “I was towing the float with Tucky my treasured horse in it, turning into my own driveway. Sorry for the language. 40 zone at bottom of hill and lucky kids weren’t walking up the street. He was unlicensed, charged with dangerous driving and over took the other 6 cars behind me too. I had a horse on the float worth more than his car. Cops said I was in the right turning into my driveway.