Falcon crashes attempting overtake – M1 Brooklyn NSW

Description: “Early morning on 11th June travelling southbound on the M1 before Brooklyn. The road was still wet from rain the night before. The red Ford came racing up behind and tailgated me for a moment. I was about to pull back in the middle lane, as I was not overtaking the next car that quickly, when the driver of the Ford decided to try and race around me instead. She clearly hadn’t seen there was also a car not that far in front me. “

Corrective services vehicle rammed in brazen escape – Griffith ACT

“A prisoner who allegedly escaped police custody after the corrective services vehicle he was riding in was rammed has been found hiding in a roof in Canberra’s north. ACT police said just after 4:00pm on Friday witnesses saw a white Jeep ram the corrective services car on Oxley Street in Griffith in Canberra’s inner south. Police allege 28-year-old Kane Quinn, who was a detainee from the Alexander Maconochie Centre being transported in the vehicle, fled in the Jeep with 28-year-old Lila Rosemary Walto. The Jeep was found torched and abandoned just before 5:00pm on Nares Crescent in the nearby suburb of Forrest. Police spent a few hours on Friday night searching for the pair before Mr Quinn and two women were arrested at a house in Canberra’s inner north about 9:00pm.”

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