Description: “Accident captured by Dad’s dash cam at the intersection of Oleander Ave and Areca Dr in Hervey Bay around 4:45 on the 1/2. Ambulance and Police called. Occupants of the dark SUV seemed fine, as you can see them getting out of the car after the accident. Occupants of the poor red pinball not so fortunate. Both had various injuries and were a little banged up.

Expect they would have been taken straight to hospital when the Ambo’s finally arrived. Have no earthly idea what the driver of the SUV was doing attempting to take the corner at that speed. And as much as I hate seeing other people hurt, it was fortunate for us that this didn’t happen 2 or 3 sec later. I don’t think my 68yo father would have fared so well being T-Boned at high speed like that. P.S. Excuse the music. Dad was listening to his oldies radio station.” Thanks to Rodney and Adrian Michell

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