Description: “On Monday 15 February 2021, my wife parked our car in the new car park in Needa City shopping centre, where Big W use to be in Fairfield between 12:30pm and 2pm. During this time a male and female broke our back window with a Pepsi bottle, after smashing it they sprayed silly string through the whole car. WE JUST WANT THE MALE AND FEMALE TO NO WE HAD A DASH CAM AND IT WAS ALL RECORDED AND YOUR FACES SHOW VERY CLEARLY SO WE NO WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. We have give the footage to the police. I want to assure them that the next time there are no surveillance cameras that cars now have cameras that record everything. I also want people to be careful of such disrespectful people. I am publishing these videos not for any kind of compensation for the damages done but to educate people what is happening ESPECIALLY in the city of Fairfield. “

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