Street Guardian X2 Pro Hardwire Kit

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Parking mode kit for SGGCX2 PRO

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Street Guardian SGX2HW Hardwire Kit. 
Install the SGX2HW to enable a special parking mode on the Street Guardian SGGCX2 PRO Dash Camera.
With the SGX2HW Hardwire Kit the SGGCX2 PRO parking mode includes built-in low-voltage cut-off so that the camera will turn off before draining the vehicle’s battery.

  • Keep a Watch on Your Vehicle When Parked with the Street Guardian SGGCX2 PRO Hardwire Kit
  • Enables Parking Mode on the Street Guardian SGGCX2 PRO Dash Camera (Latest Firmware Required)
  • Includes Selectable Low-Voltage Cut-Off Function and Timer to Adjust How Long the Parking Mode is Enabled For on the Camera
  • Parking Mode Feature Automatically Turns on When the Vehicle is Turned Off
  • Timelaps Footage Will Record While Parked, Until Either the Low-Voltage Cut-Off Voltage is Reached/ Timer Limit Expires or the Vehicle is Turned Back On

RED = Accessory (switched power source that turns on with engine start)
YELLOW = Battery (unswitched constant power that’s always hot)
Black = Ground (Connected to the bare metal frame of the vehicle)

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ATO, Mini ATO, Mini ATO Low Profile, Micro 2, Micro 3

5 reviews for Street Guardian X2 Pro Hardwire Kit

  1. michael b.

  2. kerry

    Worked well, didn’t have to constantly recharge.

  3. Joshua W.

    A real life saver and allowed me to activate parking mode to keep a watchful eye on the car without having to worry about any flat batteries or issues. Installed it myself and it was a piece of cake – This coming from a guy who is confident working on cars mechanically but the moment it comes to electronics i’m convinced i’ll shock myself and short-circuit something that’s going to cost a fortune to fix.

  4. Tammy

  5. Anthony W.

    See my review on the SGGCX2 PRO+ 64GB. Because I got the hardwire kit, I want to get it professionally installed. More to come.

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